VMAG High Velocity Magnetic Gate Operators

  • Electro-Magnetic drive with no moving parts.

  • No chains, pinch wheels, springs, cables or gears.

  • Eliminates hydraulic fluids & lubricants and their environmental risks.


VMAG propels security gates up to 8 feet per second, which effectively deters unauthorized access and tail-gating while dramatically increasing authorized throughput, enhancing both security and efficiency.

Designed for Homeland Security & Critical Infrastructure.

  • Effectively deters unauthorized access & tailgating.
  • Dramatically improves vehicle throughput.
  • Integrated locking mechanism is virtually impossible to defeat.
  • Not subject to wear and deterioration commonly associated with other mechanical designs.

The patented design utilizes proven linear induction technology, with advanced magnetic operators, to open and close security gates at speeds up to 8 feet per second. This compared with existing “high speed” gate operators yielding only 3 to 4 feet per second. Clean magnetic technology is also “green” and uses no moving parts, providing superior performance and reliability, without environmental consequences. VMAG is compatible with all existing access control devices and can be specified for new construction or easily retro-fitted to accommodate existing gates.


VMAG models VM1420 (440-480 VAC, 3-Phase) or VM1425 HD (440-480 VAC, 3-Phase) are recommended for maximum performance, HEAVY gates, and/or openings of 30′ or more. Custom configurations are available upon request for special projects, large openings and crash gate systems. Use of Buck/Boost transformers or Step-Up transformers may be necessary depending on available power.

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